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CRM application promotion and capacity enhancement of an agricultural and commercial bank

Case Background

The head office proposed to promote the transformation of retail business comprehensively and deeply, with technological innovation as the leader, to comprehensively innovate management, process, product design, risk control and customer service to achieve the best customer experience and optimal operational efficiency. "The Bank will accelerate the pace of the second transformation of its retail business, and achieve three major breakthroughs in the structure, operating model and contribution of its retail business: firstly, the contribution of its retail business will be further enhanced, with the revenue share exceeding 50%; secondly, the structure and business of its retail customers will be optimized, breaking through the reliance on traditional customers and traditional business; thirdly, an operating model in line with the development of its retail business will be established, breaking through the existing The third is to establish an operational model that is in line with the development of retail business and break through the existing institutional mechanism.

Project preparation

January-May 2018, compilation of guidance documents, team preparation and centralized training, initial centralized research of 139 outlets.

Project implementation

June-November 2018, implementation of 100 outlets, introduction of over 12 processes, coaching of supervisors, transformation of retail bankers and training of finance managers.

Ongoing curing

July 2018-May 2019, supervisory, inspection and complementary curing mechanisms, outlet curing pool management model and integration of 3 curing teams.

Consulting outcomes

Process behavior change: comprehensive ice breaker for complex product sales.

Increased marketing capability for complex products in outlets, 80% of outlets achieve full ice-breaking in sales of wealthy full agency product categories.

Term insurance grew from 36 outlets before the project to 71 outlets, an increase of 97%.

Fund Fixed Income grew from 48 outlets to 76 outlets, an increase of 58%.

Change in performance capacity - significant growth in middle income scale.

During the project period, the middle income scale increased month by month, and by October, the overall middle income of 100 outlets increased by 55%, and the middle income structure was significantly optimized.

Insurance increased its contribution from 11% to 53%.

Wealth management's middle income contribution was optimized from 57% to 42%.

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