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Financial IT planning

Use scientific methods to clarify the IT status of financial institutions. Based on the advanced practice and technology foresight of the industry, provide IT development plan and specific implementation scheme.

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Customer pain points
Financial technology is becoming more and more important to support financial business. Financial institutions urgently need advanced and practical IT planning to guide IT construction and improve the overall competitive advantage.With the deepening of informatization and digitalization, there are many problems in the IT construction of financial institutions:

The lack of IT strategy leads to the technical ability of financial institutions unable to support the realization of enterprise strategy.

Unclear IT construction objectives lead to high technology costs and low construction efficiency.

The cognitive deviation between the technical department and the business department makes the business demand response slow and the project acceptance difficult.

Repeated system construction, overlapping functions and information islands.

The system construction cycle is long and complex. The operation of the system is unstable after it is put into production.

Service content
Strategy and current situation analysis

Regulatory requirement analysis, industry practice and development trend analysis, business driver and technology vision analysis, information technology status diagnosis and analysis, capability requirement and IT status gap analysis.

Goal Planning and Architecture Design

Business architecture design, application architecture design, data architecture design, technical architecture design, security architecture design and IT governance.

Implementation planning

Business priority planning, input analysis, implementation path planning, resource guarantee planning and mechanism guarantee planning.

Service advantage
  • Forward-looking
  • Implementation
  • Strong Expert team
Provide forward-looking and targeted planning services based on the current situation and development demands of banks, regulatory requirements, advanced practices of the industry and technological development trends.
Plan and implement the whole process of services to provide accompanying consultation for financial institutions.
Strong Expert team
The team members are composed of senior business, technical specialist and management personnel from banks, leading technology companies and internationally renowned consulting companies, with an average working life of 15 +.
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