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Management Cockpit System

An integrated, all-round, convenient, intuitive management decision system


As the bank's operation and management system improves, bank business expands, and bank regulation becomes stricter, an integrated, all-round, convenient, and intuitive management decision system is urgently required to satisfy operation and management needs of banks' decision makers. The system can display business operation situation in the aspects of history trend analysis, vertical comparison among institutions, intra-industry horizontal comparison, and budgetary performance. In this way, operation management can be further improved, and a scientific and efficient decision system can be built.

Scheme Description

The Management Cockpit System provides multi-view, multi-dimensional, real-time, and accurate personalized data services for senior management. A statistical indicator framework is established for senior strategic decision making. The system adopts the visualization technology to comprehensively display current situation and project progression through indicators including business development, operation analysis, production & operation, risk compliance, market condition, inclusive finance, and creative development. The senior management can convey the strategic intention, grasp the operation status, deeply analyze the reasons of changes, and promote the implementation of decisions anytime and anywhere.

Detailed Introduction

    Starting with banks' routine operation analysis scenarios, the Management Cockpit System builds an indicator system for senior strategy decision making. The system covers 707 indicators of 32 subcategories in six fields: business development, operation analysis, production & operation, compliance risk, market condition, and customer management. Additionally, based on the advanced visualization technology, the system can dynamically display business operation condition and annual target progression from multiple perspectives and dimensions, such as history trend analysis, vertical comparison among institutions, intra-industry horizontal comparison, and budgetary performance. In this way, operation management can be further improved and the implementation of bank strategies can be guaranteed.

System Highlights

Fully decouple, abstract, and build a business service center for customers, products, pricing, and accounting to improve system service capabilities.


Put customers first and provide customer with individualized services.


rovide a unified decision support platform. On the platform, you can explore and integrate data and resources from businesses, operations, finance, and risks at the front end, middle end, and back end of every business line in the bank. It facilitates concentrated data display, further enhances operations and management, and helps establish a more scientific and efficient decision system.


Provide a unified indicator management system. The constantly improving indicator data architecture model lays the foundation for measuring report data in the industry with indicators and making business channels consistent.


Support visual display of core indicator data. The system builds a framework of indicator system to sort out key indicators. Enriched functions and expanded scope of indicators improve user experience and better display core indicators for the management personnel.


Support checkup for indicator data. The system can filter exceptional indicators through history trend analysis and push core indicators to leaders’ workbench for checkup.


Support integration and exploration of businesses across all industries. Compared with the Management Cockpit built for the single business line of one industry, this system explores and integrates resources in all business areas of the entire bank, inclusive of business development, operation analysis, production and operation, compliance risk, market condition, and customer management. This system makes the intra-bank management more precise and scientific, integrates the information of multiple business lines, and facilitates collaboration among departments.

Case Studies
A Management Cockpit project for a large joint-stock bank

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