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ORIGIEN-Financial-Grade Digital Platform

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Product Introduction

•  ORIGIEN Financial-Grade Digital Platform is a digitally-enabled foundational framework designed for industries, particularly the financial sector. It follows a systematic engineering methodology to validate, customize, and optimize technical products. By integrating software and hardware, ORIGIEN creates a novel digital infrastructure that meets the industry's demands for high security, reliability, performance, exceptional user experience, rapid deployment, and sustainable, eco-friendly operations.

•  ORIGIEN primarily consists of three platforms: Infrastructure Support Platform , Digital Construction Platform, and Data Asset Platform. These platforms cater to industry-specific scenarios by providing secure, stable, and continuously available foundational operational environments. Leveraging an integrated toolchain for efficient development, deployment, and maintenance of digital applications, ORIGIEN enables data-driven decision making and the creation of data value. It serves as a robust support system for upgrading information technology architecture and facilitating ongoing digital transformation.

Product Advantages

•  Empowering the creation of enterprise-grade technology platforms

As an enterprise-grade technology platform for industries such as finance, ORIGIEN meets the needs of digital transformation and business development. It builds a customer-centric, service-oriented, and technologically advanced architectural system. Furthermore, it integrates or reconstructs other application systems through the technology platform to meet the demand for rapid business innovation. This comprehensively enhances the product competitiveness, data governance capabilities, marketing service capabilities, risk control capabilities, operational management capabilities, and architectural support capabilities of industry users.

•  Supporting the construction of distributed core systems

ORIGIEN can enable financial institutions to achieve high-speed responsiveness, sub-second scalability, and multi-site active-active configurations for their core applications. It ensures the consistency of accounting and the security and stability of banking core systems. Through enterprise architecture business modeling and cloud-native microservices patterns, it also facilitates efficient alignment between business capabilities and IT architecture. This brings strong flexibility, composability, embeddability, and scalability, supporting financial institutions in building a new generation of distributed core business systems that seamlessly adapt to the digital era.

•  Empowering accelerated digital transformation

ORIGIEN, based on cloud-native technology infrastructure, data-driven capabilities, and the utilization of data assets, combined with a business agile center through the adoption of a centralization approach, efficiently supports financial institutions in the rapid delivery and launch of various innovative applications, including digital business, digital marketing, digital risk control, and digital operations. This enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and upgrade in various domains.

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