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Automatic Testing Platform

The Automatic Testing Platform aims to prevent against resource and quality risks that are inherent with customer business development and transformation. It helps customers enable automatic and continuous testing, ensure the quality of products, reduce the test costs, shorten the test cycle and meet the requirements of continuous testing.

Scheme Description

The Automatic Testing Platform improves test management and test capability to provide integrated test solutions. It integrates test capability into test management to optimize the test roadmap. Meanwhile, it supports flexible script recording models to lower the difficulty in script recording and provides various test scenarios to meet users' test requirements.

1. Transformation of test models

The Automatic Testing Platform reduces requirements for technical personnel so no script-or code-writing experience is required. Thus, it helps transform manual testing into automatic testing.

2. Quantitative results

The Automatic Testing Platform improves testing efficiency while ensuring product quality. It also reduces the test costs and shortens the cycle of product launch.

3. Integration with various tools empowers continuous testing

The Automatic Testing Platform is capable of integrating with third-party tools to form a complete testing chain having continuous testing capabilities.


The introduction of objects and object library management lets you reuse objects and maintain use cases in batch, which reduces maintenance costs. The platform provides a powerful feature that lets you manually edit command set parameters.

Ease of use

The platform is easy to use and no coding experience is required. The one-time pass rate for recording scripts reaches up to 99%.


The platform adopts modular design and microservice architecture design, and supports flexible, rapid integration with third-party platforms and tools.


The platform uses the message queue mechanism for simultaneous execution of multiple devices and tasks, multiplying the testing efficiency. It allows you to seamlessly extend test tasks to multiple devices as required.


The platform allows the customer to perform on-site deployment and pay more attention to information security and privacy.

Case Studies
Installation of the Automatic Testing Platform for a securities company

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