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Distributed Application Development Platform

A complete set of lightweight distributed microservice platform solutions under the financial IT standards


Given the rapid and in-depth implementation of the "Internet Plus" strategy in the financial industry, severe challenges have long stood before the efficient, agile operation of business and O&M systems. Accordingly, traditional financial institutions have paid close attention to the development and application deployment of IT systems under the distributed cloud computing architecture. Compared with centralized architecture, distributed cloud computing architecture can help financial institutions expand capacity flexibly, greatly shorten application deployment time, and realize automated fault detection and location and uninterrupted business upgrade, so as to better adapt to the service model of "Internet plus finance". In the implementation of distributed architecture, cloud computing technology is the main technical route. With the characteristics of resource pooling and distributed application development, cloud computing can meet the requirements of automated expansion and contraction of information systems, compatibility with underlying hardware and rapid deployment of services.

Scheme Description

The distributed application development platform of GienTech is a complete set of lightweight distributed microservice platform solutions under the financial IT standards. The platform allows quick design, rapid development, fast deployment and features high availability, high reliability, and visualization. The platform uses the microservice infrastructure of Spring Boot and provides lightweight integration solutions of middleware. The features are as follows:

ž- Adopt the open-source and proprietary technical components to meet the requirements of self-governance;

ž- Support the Spring Cloud system and Dubbo, and can be seamlessly integrated with Spring Boot and Spring Engineering;

ž- Integrate the mature middleware of GienTech, which can be replaced with other middleware as needed;

ž- Provide a unified, easy-to-use programming interface and automated test function along with a complete set of sound DevOps system that enables continuous integration, visual arrangement, one-click automatic deployment, and canary release.

Function and Strength

Take application needs as the core concerns and integrate with the popular concepts such as microservice architecture, DevOps, data driving, automatic O&M and maintenance, and continuous innovation. The platform aims to help financial customers build a new technology platform system that permits quick launch, flexible expansion, and simple O&M so as to help them cope with the impact of Internet finance on traditional financial IT services.

The design of this platform incorporated the characteristics of domestic financial industry systems and ensured the smooth transition to the financial cloud architecture while properly utilizing original IT assets. After years of practice, GienTech's distributed financial application development platform has developed comprehensive adaptability to the DevOps system.

The functions of automated compilation, testing, and automated release of services can be achieved through the integration with GienTech's proprietary DevOps platform or other third-party DevOps tools.

The platform runs well in physical machine, virtual machine, and container environments. It can meet deployment requirements in various complex contexts and will satisfy the requirements of a technology platform when the underlying platform is flexibly expanded so as to achieve graceful shutdown and linear expansion of the system.

Case Studies
Basic distributed technology platform of a provincial rural credit union's online financial platform

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