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Vision:Create a better world through digital technology
Mission:Continuous innovation to create new value into society

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  • 2022
    Launched Financial-Grade Digital Infrastructure
  • 2021
    Upgraded to CEC GienTech
    Featuring a new vision, mission and positioning, GienTech is a brand launched by CEC through the integration of core resources
  • 2020
    Became a member company of CEC
    Rolled out the full-stack solution system for the financial industry
  • 2019
    R&D of distributed core business system
    Topped the market share rankings for three straight years
    IDC AP Leadership Award & China Digital Transformation Award
  • 2018
    Released AI strategy
    India delivery center opened
    Topped the market share rankings again
  • 2017
    Topped the market share list according to IDC’s banking solution report
  • 2016
    Started migration to distributed architecture and cloud computing
    Acquired Blue Fountain Media
  • 2015
    Started digitalization journey and launched digital service solutions and systems
  • 2014
    Pactera was acquired and privatized by Blackstone Group
  • 2013
    Built core banking business solutions (acquired core business and IPRs from FIS China) and released eCAS
  • 2012
    MOE between VanceInfo and HiSoft to create Pactera
    Built a bank marketing solution system (M&A with Glorycube)
  • 2011
    Finance BG (GienTech) established
    Started insurance IT service in China
    Provided management consulting services in the U.S
  • 2010
    HiSoft listed on Nasdaq
    Entered Australian and opened Melbourne subsidiary
  • 2009
    London subsidiary opened
    Set up an IoT team for the digitalization of the manufacturing industry
  • 2008
    Malaysia subsidiary opened
  • 2007
    VanceInfo listed on NYSE
    Entered the Singapore market
  • 2005
    Invested by Sequoia Capital, Legend Capital, and Granite Global Ventures
  • 2003
    Atlanta subsidiary opened
    The first software company in China that passed CMMI Level 5 certification
  • 2002
    Engaged in insurance business in Japan
    China’s first IT service company certified to ISO 9001
  • 2001
    Opened subsidiaries in Tokyo and Silicon Valley
  • 1996
    HiSoft established in Dalian
    Helped Microsoft enter the Chinese market
  • 1995
    VanceInfo established in Beijing
    Provided localization services for GE to open the Chinese market
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