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help customers understand and deploy Kubernetes container technology deeply

About Kubernetes
Kubernetes is a container management orchestration engine with the implementation environment of container technology. As more and more applications are containerized and deployed, container management becomes increasingly complex and difficult for organizations. Kubernetes is designed to help enterprises automate, deploy, scale and monitor applications easily with highly extensible and always available functionality to ensure continuous performance. According to the latest CNCF Cloud Native Development report data, there are already 96% of enterprises using or evaluating Kubernetes. Kubernetes has emerged as a powerful tool for managing and scaling cloud-native applications, as well as a global mainstream technology.
Our Support Services
Gientech can help customers understand and deploy Kubernetes container technology deeply. We provides customized Kubernetes services including consulting, training, implementation and technical support.
Consulting services

Gientech has rich experience in the field of financial digital base construction and consulting services. Our consulting services help customers realize the transformation of financial digital base from traditional technology architecture to cloud-native technology architecture. We are committed to helping financial enterprises improve the efficiency of digital transformation, enhance the independence and controllability of technology architecture, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

Training services

Gientech not only provides trainings on containers, but also container arrangement and cloud-native technology to help enterprises cultivate technical talents in container development, operation and maintenance, cloud-native technology and other aspects, so as to help enterprises achieve independence and controllability of cloud-native technology.


Gientech provides kubernetes implementation services, as well as collecting and analyzing customer needs, conducting customized R&D based on kubernetes, helps customers build container environment and services with high availability, high reliability and high quality.

Technical support

Gientech provides technical support based on kebernetes, helps customers conduct malfunction analysis and performance optimization, for a successful cloud native transformation.

Our advantages
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Leading technologies
  • Professional skills on implementation and maintenances
Extensive industry experience
Gientech is a leading corporation for finance digitalization consulting and software developing services, and digital transformation service expert in major industries, with rich experiences in cloud-native industry. We’ve conducted kubernetes technical services in multiple financial organizations and prove to be able to solve challenging problems in different circumstances.
Leading technologies
Gientech has kubernetes experts with CKA certifications, and provide full-life-circle service solutions to help customers meet challenges under different environments and circumstances.
Professional skills on implementation and maintenances
Gientech has the largest domestic services delivery team with leading technologies. we are able to provide high level training, consulting, operation maintenance, routing inspection and malfunction analysis services with deep cognition and understanding in the field.
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