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Intelligent Review System

The Intelligent Review System, a product specifically designed for international settlement, is powered by the integration of AI technologies such as ICR (AI-based OCR), NLP and knowledge graph.


The Intelligent Review System is an AI-assisted review intelligent review system which is specially designed for international settlement and leverages AI technologies such as ICR (AI-based OCR), NLP and knowledge graph. The system has achieved automatic recognition of image documents, semantic understanding of L/C clauses, configurability of document-review rules and automated matching and verification of the rules engine, thus facilitating the automated review of international settlement documents as well as the output of nonconformance-review reports.

Scheme Description

- Automatically recognize image documents, interpret message clauses, review nonconformities and transfer offline document reviews to online review for greater efficiency. Relative to manual review, the working efficiency is significantly improved, with the efficiency of document recognition increasing by 100 times and that of document review increasing by 300 times.

- It can be quickly applied. New types of conventional documents can be available online within two working days. New version documents of existing types can be available online within 2 hours.

- Reduce the dependence on the skills of professional document reviewers and standardize the review standards to ensure the quality of document review and reduce the cost.

- Review rules can be configured and quickly maintained. With the rules engine, the review rules can be continuously optimized.

Case Studies
Intelligent Review System for a National Joint-Stock Commercial Bank

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