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Java API Performance Tester

Java API Performance Tester (JAPT) is a performance pressure testing product that combines Internet pressure testing with traditional centralized pressure testing.

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JAPT not only conducts large-scale distributed pressure testing but also establishes a complete performance testing system covering the entire testing process, including test planning, test preparation, test execution and result analysis. At the same time, it can be seamlessly combined with third-party real-time monitoring products to position performance bottlenecks during pressure testing in real time.

Pain Point
  • Large test resource input: Extensive test resources are needed in order to simulate multiple-load and concurrent scenarios that require collaboration among multiple persons. Even with enough test resources, the outcomes are greatly compromised due to human errors. Moreover, some scenarios cannot be completed by humans alone.
  • Poor repeatability: Performance testing often requires repeated tuning and test execution, but without the help of tools it can be daunting to rely solely on human effort.
  • Poor test accuracy: Compared with tool-based or program-based testing, manual testing in simulated multiple-load and concurrent scenarios will inevitably bring about greater errors if operated repeatedly, thus exerting a huge impact on test results.
  • Poor collection, collation, and presentation of results: Compared with tool-based data collection, manual data collection brings a much higher risk of the inevitable human error.
Scheme Description

This tool runs through the entire test execution process, including test environment inspection, test preparation, test execution, and test result collection and display. JAPT helps to check test-environment parameters before and after the test, simulate concurrent user pressure, monitor running tests and generate result reports.


The JAPT technical team consists of technical experts from leading Internet companies along with industry experts who have years of experience in the financial industry. JAPT is the result of years of practical experience among IT professionals. The product features high availability and uses the popular microservice architecture, making it suitable for distributed deployment.

JAPT is customer-oriented and fully customizable.
JAPT supports traditional development, agile development and hybrid development modes, providing manual, automated and special testing management for plans, cases, executions, architecture and analyses.
JAPT supports the integration of various tools, including third-party test tools and open source schemes such as JMeter.
This software provides beginning users with the integrated feature of automatic generation and compilation of template code for common protocols, which takes only a few simple steps from business to (case) dispatch.
A performance diagnostics tool for a bank
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