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Product Introduction

ORIGIEN's Digital Construction Platform is designed to address the growing scale and complexity of systems. It provides integrated tools and standard specification systems for business development and operations, including business modeling, system design, cross-domain low-code development, system testing, continuous integration and deployment, project management, R&D assets, R&D security management, and R&D process management. This platform supports agile innovation and continuous iteration of digital applications, solidifies standards, reduces complexity, ensures quality, and accumulates architectural assets. It allows developers to focus on business implementation and improves software production efficiency in a fully digital manner. The platform also offers a range of tools and platforms for technology architecture migration and switching, enabling smooth transitions and stable operation across multiple technology stacks.

Business Value

Enterprise-grade modeling bridges the gap between requirements and design development

By utilizing enterprise-grade modeling, the visualization and management of requirements are achieved, enabling seamless integration between requirements and design development. It facilitates the sharing and reuse of development assets, and enables visual modeling and asset management through the modeling platform.

Unified development platform ensures development quality

By reducing or shielding the dependency on developers' technical skills, the focus is shifted to business logic development. It achieves standardized and implemented development practices, integrates with unified testing tools for precise testing, and enhances development quality. It also facilitates the accumulation and management of development assets, including requirements, design, development, and testing. The platform features unified processes, engines, services, and interfaces, with a unified technology stack for better control and management. It meets the development needs of different application scenarios such as marketing, credit, and the internet, thereby improving personnel reuse efficiency.

Mature implementation processes ensure successful project execution

Financial institution customers require not only a technological platform but also the implementation processes to be effectively implemented. Leveraging the implementation processes accumulated from numerous engineering projects, ORIGIEN incorporates them into the platform through template engines to ensure compatibility.

Seamless integration of development platform with business application scenarios

Distinguishing ourselves from other general-purpose development platforms, GienTech has accumulated a wealth of application solutions. Within the development platform, it closely integrates with business application scenarios and fully incorporates the solutions.

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