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Mobile-application Development Platform

A platform that facilitates the one-stop development, operation, and management of mobile applications.


MADP3.0 is a new mobile development platform released by GienTech. It is mainly used by enterprises and organizations in the pan-financial industry, promoting one-stop development, operation, and management of mobile applications.

MADP3.0 is a mobile PaaS platform that provides an open customization mode and powerful platform functions. It adapts to frequent updates and iterations of mobile applications, especially good at dealing with requirements of financial apps on security, hot release, and hot fix. Based on MADP3.0, banking, insurance, securities and other pan-financial enterprises can easily achieve the whole life cycle management of various mobile applications: simply and quickly create, publish, operate and maintain app, and carry out continuous operation.

Scheme Description

The main functions of MADP3.0 include mobile gateway, H5 offline package, message push, data synchronization, data analysis, etc. Its application scenarios cover transactional mobile banking, credit card apps, mobile payment apps, e-commerce mall apps, merchant acquiring apps, mobile CRM for internal enterprise management, cockpit management, pad card activation on mobile integrated terminals, "AppAdvice" etc.

Flexible front-end framework

Integrate three front-end development frameworks including Native, H5, and mini program. More than 100 UIs, together with low code, let users build different types of applications in a block-building manner, effectively improving development efficiency and generating wonderful front-end experience.

Solid mobile mid-end

Adopt distributed architecture so as to provide mobile gateway, dynamic release, message push, mobile synchronization, mobile operation and other functional components, completing a service the whole life cycle of a mobile application — "development-integration-release-operation and maintenance." The platform is applicable in various financial business scenarios.

Sound operation and management platform

Provide operation, maintenance, and automation services for multi-level organizations and multiple apps, and support visual operation configuration for the mobile mid-end.

Linked financial intelligence

Based on the knowledge graph on GienTech's smart mind platform, simulate neural network and human knowledge perception to complete smart customer service, robo-advisor, wealth management and other operations. Additionally, the platform combines the characteristics of mobile applications to provide voice navigation and voice transcription functions, thus improving the users' experience.

Professional operation support

In the process of project implementation, constantly summarize mobile operation experience and enhance the platform's operation, maintenance, and management functions. A professional operations team delivers professional, highly reliable back-end operation hosting services for apps.

Case Studies
The project of a bank's Shenbi mobile development platform

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