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Unified Monitoring and Management Platform for IT Resources

A platform that features high processing efficiency, high reliability, flexible configurations, a consistent GUI, and easy operation

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The Unified Monitoring and Management Platform for IT Resources is a unified basic resource monitoring platform. It has a standard monitoring and management system that drives the continuous improvement of system O&M monitoring, prevents and detects system failures in advance, and enhances system O&M capabilities.

Pain Point

The customer had the following pain points in monitoring basic IT resources:

  • Notifications could not be sent immediately when hardware failures occurred.
  • Risks and other hazards could not be monitored and predicted effectively.
  • Manual inspection increased workload and was inefficient and inaccurate.
  • Monitoring was incomprehensive due to the lack of O&M tools for business performance monitoring.
  • It was time-consuming to locate, investigate, and troubleshoot the faults.
Application Scenario
Business Value:

The Unified Monitoring and Management Platform for IT Resources focuses on IT infrastructure management, network management, business management, response time management, and service level management. Additionally, it can centrally monitor and maintain performance of IDC resources and associate metrics such as alarms and resources with the customer, push alarms to the customer in real time, and carry out active IDC services so as to ensure the normal operation of the business while meeting the needs of various enterprises for IT resource management.

  • All-encompassing detection system: Comprehensive monitoring and control allow users to manage various IT infrastructures, network topologies, servers, storage devices, databases, middleware, virtual resource, and big data components.
  • Out-of-band management technology: The out-of-band management technology which supports the device models of mainstream manufacturers is adopted. Users can obtain device power, voltage, board, fan, temperature, and other hardware information, collect hardware exceptions, and incorporate the information into the unified event management center, thus achieving seamless integration with centralized monitoring of IT resources.
  • Automated inspection management: The platform allows users to set the inspection frequency and customize the special inspection time.
  • Visualized management: The virtual architecture is overall monitored, including alarms and resource utilization.
  • Management of basic resources and metrics by business: The platform defines resource groups by business application and displays the average metric or highest metric of resources used by each business application.

When the IT system fails, the alarm can be displayed intuitively on the large screen management console so that the root causes of the failure can be quickly located, thus increasing the failure response speed and capability of the O&M personnel. The passive response is turned into an active response, thereby improving the user experience. The standardized monitoring and management system effectively improves the integrated O&M management level, prevents and detects system failures beforehand, and enhances system O&M capabilities.

Comprehensive O&M monitoring system for a rural commercial bank
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