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Data governance consulting is about the whole life cycle management of data, to establish a complete solution for customers. On the premise of understanding the management, business and data status of customers, planning and designing enterprise data governance framework and enterprise data standard, helping enterprises to improve the data quality and promote close-loop management to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, and finally forming data assets and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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Background Description

In 2018, CBIRC releases Data Governance Guidelines for Banking Financial Institutions, data governance is included in the scope of corporate governance and required the establishment of top-down and coordinated data governance framework. 

On September 22, 2021, CBIRC issued The Measures for The Supervision and Rating of Commercial Banks, in which data governance accounted for 5% of the standard weight distribution of all regulatory rating elements, showing the importance of data governance.

At present, various industries have the following problems in the field of data governance: lack of data standards, data duplication, data inaccuracy, metadata consistency is difficult to ensure in multiple environments, lack of data governance assessment mechanism, etc.

Service Content
GienTech data governance consulting empowers enterprises from the aspects of data strategic planning, data governance guarantee mechanism, data standard formulation, data quality management, metadata management.
Form a diagnosis and analysis report on customer status

In-depth understanding of customer status through on-site interviews and questionnaires, we evaluated 10 fields of data governance according to Data Management Capability Maturity Model (DCMM), find out the gap between customers and advanced peers in data management, analyze the reasons for the gap, put forward suggestions for improvement based on our practical experience, and finally form a diagnosis and analysis report on customer status.

Design the data governance framework

Design the data governance framework according to the customer's current organizational structure, and define the job responsibilities at different organizational levels.

Design data standard

Design data standard, form data standard dictionary finally, implement data sharing.

Complete the data quality analysis report

To promote the data governance culture, so that employees have a deep understanding of data governance.

Design data standard management method

The construction of data asset management platform is to ensure the effective landing of governance work through the implementation of tools, so as to bear the results of data governance.

Our advantages
  • Large team size
  • Rich experience
  • Comprehensive services
Large team size
The big data team of GienTech has a large scale and strong consulting service capability.
Rich experience
Based on more than 20 years of precipitation in the field of domestic financial industry data, we provide integrated services of consulting, products and implementation.
Comprehensive services
Our solutions are based on enterprise data architecture, data status assessment, combined with industry benchmark and DCMM assessment, formulated data governance consulting solutions in line with the long-term data strategy of enterprise.
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Data governance consulting and control platform project of a financial institution
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