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ORIGIEN-Data Asset Platform

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Product Introduction

ORIGIEN’s Data Asset Platform is designed with the goal of data asset accumulation and value creation. Leveraging big data technology, AI technology, and data security technology, it provides a comprehensive data intelligence foundation that integrates data governance, data hub, and AI platforms. By combining industry expertise and data governance practices, it enables data-driven business operations and lean management, facilitating the transformation of business data into valuable assets.

Business Value

The data asset platform product of ORIGIEN has effectively summarized the experience from implementing over 300 large-scale data platform projects and consulting on over 100 data governance projects conducted by GienTech. It is based on mature implementation and modeling methodologies, enabling seamless support for the implementation and maintenance processes of data projects, thus improving the efficiency and quality of data-related initiatives. Additionally, the platform incorporates enterprise-grade data models, facilitating the rapid establishment of data lakes, data hubs, data warehouses, and big data platforms for banks and other institutions. With its loosely coupled and component-based technical features, the product fully meets the requirements of cloud-native architecture, allowing seamless integration and interoperability with various cloud environments. It enables rapid deployment and implementation, supports agile data development, and provides integrated maintenance services.

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