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Digital workforce using Chatbot and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


To meet the higher demand on the customer services with first time resolution, and also fulfil the industrial standard and to address to company / corporate policies, the IT systems might need to change more frequency, which is a huge challenge. Pactera is pleased to provide a Digital Workforce solution, which you could make use this digital workforce to ensure all the policies have been met. The workforce solution works on your legacy systems, as well as the latest technology. Nevertheless, the Digital workforce works 24-hr a day; 7-days a week. The solution is scalable, when you have higher demands such as a bigger promotion, you only need to add more Digital workforce, you no need to worry on the quality, because all the Digital workforce has the same capabilities that you train.

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Digital Workforce for IT services & business operation

Chatbot PoC Service

Application Development with chatbot Integration

Chatbot for real time online customer enquiry with Analytic Management Console

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