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Smart Bank Outlet Solution

Provide all-around construction services, inclusive of planning and consulting, creative design, implementation, and ecological operations.


GienTech's Smart Bank Branch Solution provides all-around services, inclusive of planning and consulting, design, and implementation that allow banks to transform into smart branches. It also provides continuous operation services after the branch is constructed and helps the bank build a brand-new, smart business hall with new devices, layout, processes, and services, thus comprising a new smart service model.

Scheme Description

From the panoramic perspective of the smart branch service, we divide our delivery capabilities into three aspects: planning & consulting, software development, and device integration. Based on many years' experience and business accumulation in the financial industry, we recommend the following:

Planning and consulting

Plan bank-wide implementation blueprint and strategies for branch transformation, proceed from the strategy and status quo of banks, and work out implementation solutions for subsequent software and hardware implementation and branch construction.


We provide the full-process system software covering smart branches, such as the branch transaction system, targeted marketing and customer experience system, branch operations management system, and AI platform.

System integration

Except for devices that pertain to banking business and interactive devices, we possess qualification and experience for overall integration construction and can offer better services for smart branch construction of banks. When integrating devices, further optimize office scenarios through decoration design and improve the efficiency and automation of online individual services and corporate services, thereby creating branches with higher brand value. Smart branch construction framework: Based on the vision and aim of branch construction and the full support by underlaying technologies, orient toward intelligent, smart, ecological transformation and promote functional upgrade of branches. Empowered by financial technologies, it creates a perfect loop that encompasses businesses, services, marketing, and operations.


The general, integrated PMO service model is used to scientifically integrate resources and implement the solution in multiple fields such as space design, multimedia, hardware devices, software systems, and ecological scenes.


Five highlights in product systems:

  • žUnified front-end platform: The solution is characterized by high concurrency, cross-operating system availability, high compatibility and expandability, and supports traditional autonomous and mobile device drives.
  • Smart branch service platform: Create a "brain" for smart banking branches. Connect to online and offline channels and devices within the branch to achieve data sharing and consistent operation experience. Multimedia control and the IoT features of branches can support multiple smart scenarios.
  • Branch operation management system: Through multidimensional monitoring, management, and analysis, scientifically manage personnel, events, and things to help banks track overall operation situation of branches, including devices, client profile, and business dealing.
  • Smart marketing platform: The platform consists of points platform, smart marketing platform, label management platform, decision engine, client relationship management system, and AI platform, facilitating omni-channel targeted marketing for banks.
  • Remote video: This feature is used in online consumption credit checking and interview, corporate interview and other businesses to improve service quality and efficiency in call centers.
Case Studies
5G + Smart Bank Project of a Large Joint-stock Bank — Robot Hall Service

Smart Bank — New Financial Ecological Branch Project of a City Commercial Bank

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