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Business Challenges

•  Data volume is growing exceedingly bigger today.

•  How can we enhance data quality?

•  How can we move data faster?

•  What is the proper way to carry out data governance?

•  And most importantly, how can we optimize the efficiency of our data applications?

Solution Overview

•  GienTech Data Platform aggregates and governs data from multiple domains provides analysis and data mining capabilities, and packages data into services. It also offers logical business concepts and a closed-loop process that includes data collection, development, analysis, and service. This integrated platform helps to achieve business data, association, and value-added services.


•  This platform is an important component of finance-grade digital platform "ORIGIEN". Based on the concepts of DataOps and DataFabric, it aims to accumulate data assets and create data value, using big data technology, AI technology, and data security technology to build a data intelligent foundation that integrates a data control platform, data middle platform, and AI platform. Centered around the data full lifecycle of acquisition, storage, management, computation, and usage, the platform combines rich industry experience and data governance expertise to provide enterprises with a one-stop data asset management solution.

Product Introduction

Data integration: A data middle platform can integrate data from multiple sources and formats, providing a unified view of an organization's data assets.

Data quality: By centralizing data management, a data middle platform can help ensure data quality and consistency across an organization.

Data governance: A data middle platform can enforce data governance policies and procedures, ensuring that data is used and managed in accordance with regulatory and organizational guidelines.

Scalability: A data middle platform can scale to accommodate growing data volumes and support an organization's changing needs.

Real-time data access: A data middle platform can provide real-time access to data, enabling faster decision-making and more agile responses to changing business needs.

Automation: A data middle platform can automate data processing tasks, reducing manual effort, and improving operational efficiency.


Product Advantages

Simplicity: Our product streamlines and automates job scheduling processes, increasing efficiency and productivity for your team.

Higher Data Quality: With comprehensive monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts, our product ensures the accuracy, consistency, and security of your data.

Reduced Risk: Our product helps you meet regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of non-compliance through centralized data management and monitoring.

Enterprise-grade: Our product supports multiple job types, load balancing, multi-tenancy, and one-click deployment, making it a comprehensive and reliable platform for managing your data assets.


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