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ORIGIEN-Infrastructure Support Platform

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Product Introduction

ORIGIEN's Infrastructure Support  Platform leverages system engineering methods to build a next-generation cloud-native data center solution using a series of technology components. It adopts a layered open decoupling approach to enhance the operational and maintenance efficiency of the data center, supporting the foundation for digital transformation. It also develops a digital security system solution, providing proactive, intelligent, and dynamic security protection capabilities for digital construction, data-driven initiatives, and digital innovation. The platform offers a complete, trusted, and configurable foundational operational support environment for applications, meeting critical requirements such as high capacity, high concurrency, high availability, and high security in key industries like finance.

Business Value

The greatest obstacles to technology architecture migration and upgrade lie in the stability of the architecture and the uncertainty of the technical roadmap, as well as the significant costs associated with repetitive adaptation and development. ORIGIEN's Infrastructure Support  Platform addresses these challenges through industry-proven engineering practices, system engineering methods, and systematic construction. The primary value of ORIGIEN for industry clients lies in providing a clear direction, mature technical foundation, and optimized costs, enabling the migration and compatibility upgrade of traditional computing technology architectures through direct application migration or cloud-native architecture upgrades. This facilitates the achievement of key financial-grade performance requirements in typical application scenarios.

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