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"METAGIEN" Cloud Native Distributed Core

Cloud-native distributed digital banking core business system which has been launched through innovative design that leverages the latest technological achievements such as distributed systems, micro services, and intelligent technology.

Product Introduction

Based on enterprise architecture and guided by business modeling and domain-driven design, "METAGIEN" cloud native distributed core business system of GienTech (referred to as "METAGIEN" core system) has built scenario-oriented service portfolio, solid public capability kernel and plug-in business service, including three-tier business architecture and 15 micro-service applications. Each micro-service can be independently executed and operated, providing the bank with flexible business expansion, system integration and ecological opening capabilities. Among them, the scenario-based service portfolio realizes the process choreography and business assembly oriented to customer needs and business scenarios, with a high degree of business flexibility, to help realize the true customer-centric; The common capability core provides basic business support capabilities including products, pricing, accounts, accounting, etc., enabling banks to make service-sensitive innovation in a highly cohesive, loosely coupled and reusable way. Plug-in business services, on the one hand, provide banks with more flexible choices and support the replaceable product granularity functions; on the other hand, it also supports the rapid introduction of new products and services to promote future business development and achieve business agility.

Based on the distributed architecture design, GienTech "METAGIEN" cloud native distributed core business system has realized the implementation of full stack independent innovation. The system runs on the finance-grade digital platform"ORIGIEN", and can also openly connect with the third-party PaaS platform, supporting the cloud native and uniformed distributed deployment in multiple places and multiple activities. It has the capability of high performance, high stability, high availability, high reliability, high security and dynamic elastic expansion. It provides the key core business processing capability for the banking and banking financial institutions with innovative technology.

Application Scenario

Facilitate agile innovation of banking business: Based on the idea of enterprise architecture, GienTech "METAGIEN" cloud native distributed core business system adopts the business modeling process to realize the deep integration of industry and technology, ensure the alignment of application micro services and banking business capabilities, and form a high cohesion, low coupling and reusable enterprise-grade core business center, enabling the foreground sensitive innovation. It provides super personalized services from the customer experience, effectively supports the financial innovation of the bank and promotes the business agility.

Complete the core system full stack migration: GienTech creatively proposes a new full-stack distributed core construction engineering system and implementation process of "business modeling -> design and development -> technical-stack adaptation -> data standardization -> peripheral non-inductive -> system smooth switching -> data online migration", and provides related production lines and end-to-end tool chain system. It solves the problems of business and technology integration difficulty, technical-stack migration difficulty of key application, data governance landing difficulty, complex peripheral transformation, shutdown and switch risk of higher system construction.

Help the core system deploy on the cloud: GienTech "METAGIEN" cloud native distributed core business system adopts the layered architecture of decoupling of business realization and technology platform, relies on the distributed architecture, containerization, micro service and other technologies provided by the finance-grade digital platform "ORIGIEN", has a unit solution, fully embraces cloud native, has completed the production level adaptation with various cloud platforms, and has been promoted in many banks. Truly implement the core system on the cloud.

Product Advantages

•  With the support of mature research and development strength of GienTech Research Institute, the core system products keep continuous innovations

•  A full set of core solutions: core products + finance-grade digital platform "ORIGIEN" + integrated tool chain support

•  Adopt the architecture design idea oriented to business changes, and realize the enterprise architecture of industry and technology integration

•  The basic operation support is provided through finance-grade digital platform "ORIGIEN"

•  The platform engineering integration tool chain is used to realize the integration of industry and technology, support the application reconstruction

•  Based on the results of business modeling, the application architecture of hierarchical management and control is formed

•  Combined with the system functions, the business capability improvement plan is formed to help the bank achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase 

•  Through the accumulation of rich topics and the design of verification mechanism, to avoid the later outbreak of technical risks 

•  Adopt special implementation process to ensure the progress and stability of the project

A provincial rural credit cloud native distributed core system project based on technical-stack technology
A technical-stack distributed core system project of a large city firm in the capital city of a province
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