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A Direct Bank system construction project for a bank

Pain Point

According to the direct bank positioning of the client bank, it planned to establish a channel system oriented toward Internet and mobile banking and establish a product system oriented toward virtualization, convenience, and customer-defined services. 

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    When creating new Internet channels and steering businesses to the Internet channel of the direct bank, we had to redesign traditional business processes and risk control to ensure smooth business development and risk controllability, which posed huge challenges.

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    The construction of direct bank involves many banking departments, and its business processes are scattered. It needs to be analyzed, combed and abstracted to various system modules in combination with existing systems and processes.

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    The construction of direct bank system is relatively abstract in terms of business requirements and design, which brings great challenges to business personnel.

According to the construction requirements of the direct bank project, we adopted the solution that integrated customer-oriented scheme, platform tools and application products. The business development of direct bank is carried out in a platform-based business model, which mainly includes two aspects:

1. Integration between Platforms
The platform of direct bank can integrate with other Internet platforms, so as to complete the functions of product sharing, customer service, sales interconnection, account intercommunication, customer information integration, etc.

2. Open Platform
Direct bank builds an open platform, and support agency business, intermediary business, wealth management products, payments acquiring and other business modes to be carried out on the platform. The main goal is to achieve the purpose of gathering popularity and visits by integrating channel account resources.
In terms of functions, the first is to realize the APP function of direct bank, including front-end client and back-end service system, to provide excellent mobile services for direct bank business, and to form relevant technical, business and management norms. The second is to realize the WeChat mini program function of direct bank and create a unified and differentiated Internet service. The third is to build a comprehensive capability center for direct bank, build a capability sharing center for APP, WeChat and system of direct bank, and provide excellent operation and maintenance management capabilities and operational management capabilities. The fourth is to connect with the core system of the bank and fully reuse the existing scientific and technological capabilities of the bank to serve the direct bank business. The fifth is to realize perfect client data collection and analysis, and realize intelligent marketing with the help of analysis results. The sixth is to realize smooth migration and smooth transition of new and old versions of business functions on the direct bank APP.

The system has built a decentralized, open, multi-product ecosystem and adopted X86 open distributed architecture to build an "easy-to-aggregate" brand and an Internet financial core platform. The system functions include customer management, account management, product management, payment management, quota, fee, bonus points, red packet, marketing, etc. 

In terms of the retention and activeness of active customers and customers, with the deep cooperation with enterprises, the establishment of 2B2C financial ecosystem can realize the rapid acquisition and transformation of customers, which has become a bright spot in the industry. The direct bank system built this time, with 2B2C business as a breakthrough, integrates direct bank into the daily operations of enterprises, and gradually establishes and improves the Internet financial products and service system by relying on products with high integration and viscosity with enterprises.

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