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Basic distributed technology platform of a provincial rural credit union's online financial platform

Project Objective

The customer aims to provide mobile banking, O2O, e-commerce, Fengshou Hulian and other channels through an online financial platform application group built on the distributed application development platform provided by GienTech, and achieve the functionality of customer interaction, accounts, products, payment, open platform, and marketing risk control. Additionally, the customer seeks to unify the standards and specifications, unify the development platform and technical architecture, separate the platform from the application, and form a methodology that can be popularized. Concurrently, it desires to achieve the integration with the existing conventional architecture system, and achieve the purpose of dual-core operation via the Internet and traditional cores.

Employ the proprietary distributed financial application development platform independently researched and developed by GienTech During the design and R&D, the platform has drawn on the years of development experience in the Internet and financial industries. It is a platform with distributed Internet architecture, high reliability, high performance, and high scalability.
The main technologies used include

The main technologies used include: Dubbo, Redis, ActiveMQ, Kafka, Mycat, Mysql and other distributed open source technologies.

Open source + self-research

Open source + self-research: Fully adopt open source technical components and self-developed technical components, and fully meet the requirements of self-control.

Design of distributed architecture without IOE

Design of distributed architecture without IOE: Support high concurrency, massive users and Internet application scenarios such as spike and snap-up.

Sound DevOps system

Sound DevOps system: Basically realize continuous integration, automated deployment, canary release, and unified platform monitoring and operation and maintenance management, covering multi-dimensional management and monitoring of resources, components and applications.

Project operation

Project operation: The online financial core distributed platform, customer information, customer authentication, and customer contract systems.


At present, the platform has integrated systems covering electronic account, red envelope, product sales factory, payment, customer information, customer contract, customer authentication, effective management of mobile front-end and unified back-end, and has integrated online channels.

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