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The project of a bank's Shenbi mobile development platform

Pain Point
Disadvantages of customer's current mobile development framework
  • 01

    It fails to integrate related mobile middleware.

  • 02

    It fails to provide concurrent operation and management of mobile applications.

  • 03

    It fails to support development, testing, deployment, release, operation management, and data analysis with respect to smart phones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices.

  • 04

    It fails to handle multiple forms of deployment, such as the customer's mobile application development and private deployment for industrial customers.

customers' demands

Sort and analyze customers' demands, and rapidly respond to their needs with agile development on the basis of meeting their highly individual demands.

microservice architecture

Leverage the platform's strengths on microservice architecture to provide operation and management capabilities.

mobile gateway services

Deliver customized mobile gateway services.

unified development standards

Provide unified development standards and development specifications for different end users.


After the mobile-application development platform was launched, it has built unified mobile development standards and specifications for the industry. It can facilitate the rapid construction and release of mobile applications through the platform's content management and other modules. A unified solution for mobile-application development has been achieved, with which customers can develop and release their internal OA systems within two months. Additionally, the platform allows follow-up synchronous migration and unified management of applications.

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