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A Management Cockpit project for a large joint-stock bank

Business Pain Point

Based on years of information construction, a large state-owned joint-stock bank has achieved the informatization of business and management, which is foundational to the rapid development of business and refined management. Thus, the Management Cockpit System helps explore and integrate business, operations, finance, risk, and security data and resources from all lines of businesses at the front end, middle end, and back end of the bank's headquarters and branches. It enables concentrated data display, intelligent decision analysis, real-time command and dispatching. Moreover, it further improves operation and management of the bank and establishes a sound and efficient decision system.

The core of the Management Cockpit design is to build an indicator system in line with the bank's strategic business development goal and then to help the management personnel make scientific and reasonable decisions.
Data-layer construction

The core of designing a Management Cockpit is to construct an indicator system consistent with the strategic business development goal of the bank. When we design the indicator system, the historical performance, current performance and future strategic development of the bank should be fully considered. On that basis, we project the bank's life cycle of in the appropriate context, so as to adjust the development strategy according to the overall environment and internal factors.
We arrange the indicators in the order of importance as required by the management personnel. On the Management Cockpit interface, all performance indicators of concern to management personnel are displayed in real time, including the operating indicators and changes in available resources of the bank.

Display-layer construction

According to the management characteristics of the bank, each business module is designed separately. Financial indicators, interbank information, internal operation indicators, and others are presented in different forms, such as in a dashboard, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, and radar chart.
Additionally, the display layer offers a richly interactive experience. By clicking a metric graph in the display layer, the metric will be drilled and analyzed. Common analysis methods include comprehensive analysis, difference analysis, trend analysis, hot spot analysis, and comparative analysis.

Analysis-layer construction

The analysis system of Management Cockpit finds, analyzes, and solves problems.
(1) Find the problem. By displaying core indicators on the Management Cockpit, we can monitor the operating process of the bank and find deviations. Deviations indicate that there is a problem in some aspect of the bank and further analysis is required.
(2) Analyze the problem. By horizontally and vertically comparing, drilling and analyzing the deviations in the business process with prior data and industry performance, the root cause of the problem can be found.
(3) Solve the problem. On the basis of the statistics obtained from analysis and the implementation progress of business strategies, trace back to the original data, find loopholes or deficiencies in the management process, and then improve the business process to get the problem solved.


Thanks to the advanced visualization technology and leading indicator management system, the bank's Management Cockpit system sets a benchmark for itself and its counterparts. With our help, the client was recognized for its outstanding contribution to FinTech innovation in a declaration for the awards of Financial Computerizing. We also earned the customer's trust through the assurance of a win-win result in cooperation. (Financial Computerizing is a national science and technology journal sponsored by the People's Bank of China and the China Financial Computerization Corporation).

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