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Installation of the Automatic Testing Platform for a securities company

Adopt flexible script recording methods to reduce the difficulty in script recording and shorten the recording time. Adopt natural language for script rendering to facilitate script recognition and lower maintenance costs.
Provide various test scenarios to meet test requirements.
Schedule tasks automatically in order to save time.
Detect business performance efficiently and generate test reports with a single click.
Integrate data-management modules to generate data automatically, saving the waiting time for data acquisition while ensuring GDPR compliance.
Separate data and scripts so that data can be acquired through file imports, APIs, databases and data pools.

Systematic automatic testing solutions: It empowers automation, digitalization and continuous optimization for all tests over the entire lifecycle.

Transformation of test models: It reduces requirements for technical personnel and no script code writing experience is required, which helps transform manual testing into automatic testing.

Quantitative results: It improves testing efficiency while ensuring product quality, reduce the test costs and shorten the cycle of product launch.

Integration with various tools empowers continuous testing: The Automatic Testing Platform is capable of integrating with third-party tools to form a complete testing chain having continuous testing capabilities.

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