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A performance diagnostics tool for a bank


The bank's original product-testing team generally used offline testing. However, as the bank product line expanded the testers' workload increased, resulting in frequent overtime. Employees complained, and the quality of testing deteriorated.


The client used two performance-testing tools: LoadRunner and JMeter. However, the increasing performance testing demand meant there was inefficient script management, test execution, problem identification, resource monitoring and result analysis. Meanwhile, based on the current tools and methods, only a limited number of transactions could be selected for pressure testing. Consequently, the test results were biased. They could not reflect and identify the actual performance problems. To solve such issues, it was necessary to set up a performance-diagnosis platform.

Strategy and Solution
The client's pressure testing was barely able to identify performance bottlenecks. To improve the efficiency of performance testing, it was necessary to use performance diagnostics to automatically identify performance bottlenecks. To ensure the rapid development of business, it was also necessary to integrate performance testing into the program of testing management--particularly through the connection of platforms--and migrate most of the offline work to the platform. Thus, it was important to:
1. Optimize the performance testing process strategy
2. Introduce the performance testing diagnostic tool
3. Provide on-site performance testing services

1. Improved asset reuse through unified test data management

2. Performance diagnostics efficiency increased by 60%

3. Upgraded sample design

4. Improved performance monitoring efficiency



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