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XX joint-stock commercial bank-monitoring and submission marketplace project


The customer's former data architecture includes a main data warehouse, two data marketplaces (one 2800-data warehousing MDB_SR marketplace, one 6650 data marketplace for specific monitoring), and three monitoring application databases (TD, SqlServer and Mysql). There are multiple documents implementation in the whole submission process, affecting submission timeliness. Meanwhile, the overall operation and maintenance burden is heavy and the expansion cost of TD in the later period is beyond budget. So the customer wants to replace these with more cost-effective DWS products, and solve the problems of poor timeliness and slow batch processing.

Business challenges
Multiple kinds of data platforms where conversion and adaptation of syntax and scripts are required
Large data volume of 10 TBs
Complex business, customer requirement of minimizing downtime
Large volume for migration and time pressure
Unified replacement of former TD, SQLSERVER data processing platform, and submission platform via GaussDB.
Use ADMS and DSC tools to solve in batches the problems of syntax adaptation and script conversion on heterogeneous platforms.
Guarantee resource use for different applications of OLAP and OLTP by setting up resource queues

Establishment of aunified monitoring data marketplace model that meets data reporting requirements of the current full-monitoring system with good scalability.

Use ADMS and DSC tools for quick migration of historical data, winning valuable time formigration.

GaussDB's high performance and massive storage solves the storage crisis and improves the batch processing power, greatly guaranteeing submission work.

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