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A financial institution data architecture planning

Project Background

In big data and cloud in the background of financial development in the market competition, customer demand, the driving of the regulatory requirements, to a new generation of data platform how to expand from two aspects of business and technology, to fully play the application value of data puts forward higher requirements, data architecture needs to be replanned to lay a reliable and controllable big data foundation for data resources.

Business Challenges
  • 01
    Inaccurate and duplicate data

  • 02
    Data owner is not clear, encountering problems to pass the buck to each other

  • 03
    Duplicate data processing, waste of resources

  • 04
    Slow response to data needs

  • 05
    Unclear data hierarchy

  • 06
    Lack of management of data models

Based on a full understanding of the current status of the overall architecture, business architecture, IT architecture, technical architecture and other architectures of the whole bank, combined with the advanced practices of the industry, the new generation data platform provides seven capabilities, mainly including:
· Integrated Data Integration Capability
· Big Data Processing Capability
· Real-time and quasi-real-time data processing capability
· Unified data exchange capabilities
· Historical data management capabilities
· Integrated Data Service Capability
· Data Asset Management Capabilities
Results achieved

ž   Clear hierarchy: A clear data hierarchy is constructed, and the functions of each data hierarchy are clearly defined.

ž   Management unification: do unified management according to data flow, including unified collection, unified scheduling, unified control, classification and storage, ETL specification, etc.

ž   Value embodiment: strengthen the application of deep data processing, unify API service output, and make bigger and stronger data center services.


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