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Quality testing system construction project for a policy bank

Customer Pain Points

With the continuous expansion of the bank's business and the yearly increase in users, the banking industry has an expanding customer base, increasingly complex business, enhanced operational management across the board, and increasingly large information systems with higher requirements on stability and security. Testing is particularly important in the quality assurance of entire banking information system. On this premise, a comprehensive quality testing system needs to be established, in order to provide reliable quality assurance for software development and continually improve the quality of information system development.

By combining the client's own characteristics and establishing a comprehensive quality testing system to realize the testing lifecycle management, the main tasks are included below
Preparation for software testing management practices

Preparation for client-adapted software testing management practices, quality testing management, testing specifications, defect tracking management and testing analysis documentation.

Preparation for quality testing system documentation

Preparation for quality testing system documentation (processes, specifications, templates) that covering unit testing, technical testing, business functional testing, acceptance testing in a quasi-production environment, and performance testing, etc.

Test metrics establishment

Test metrics establishment for applying to all phases of testing project. Test metrics should include, but not limit to test case design with execution progress, and use case coverage, etc.

Software quality control standardization

Software quality control standardization for establishing a quality testing management process that meets the needs of the client, and assisting in the selection of testing tools.


Test-related organizational structures and roles definition
· Establishment of an organizational structure for quality testing system requirements
· Quality testing systems training
· Complete test project schedule management
· Test process management
· Test issue management
· Test quality management
· Project review management.


A basic quality testing system framework was established. The system was built base on simple business requirements that practicing on the development of large projects. Hence, the feasibility of the system was verified through pilot projects.

The processes are listed below:

ž   To build a testing quality system to match the customer's software development system

ž   To write documents including implementation plans, protocol specifications and templates etc.

ž   To establish a testing environment

ž   To test with different systems in the development environment

ž   To writing preliminary rules for the use of test data

ž   To perform test case management, test defect management, performance testing, business testing, acceptance testing and green light testing

ž   To select 2-3 software development projects to carry out trial runs of the quality testing system

ž   To verify the correctness and feasibility of the quality testing system

ž   To solidify the management process by using management tools

ž   To optimize testing methods by using testing tools

ž   To establish a continuously improved testing environment to support testing implementation, promoting project implementation staff to improve basic testing skills

ž   To ensure the completeness, accuracy and reliability for the testing implementation and project delivery

ž   To refer the testing operation for pilot projects for ensuring the quality of documentations

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