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Help a bank solve a bill recognition problem

Business Pain Point

In the international trade business scenario , bills/documents review is a very critical business, with high requirements for personnel's business expertise, and a large number of documents and bills need to be identified manually during the business process. Guangfa Bank hopes to solve the high reliance on bills/documents review personnel and the tedious mechanical operation in the business by introducing AI technology.

With the maturity and popularity of AI technology, Guangfa Bank introduced AI+OCR technology to solve the process of relying on manual for bills/documents identification and structuring, and at the same time, through formulating the rule engine, the accumulated information by relying on the business personnel experience is precipitated into digital content, and then combined with NLP technology to finish the business processing of intelligent bills/documents review through system and machines.
Customer Profits

At present, Guangfa Bank has completed the intelligent bill review business of domestic certificate scenario, and also achieved part of international trade  intelligent bills/documents entry, as well as the auxiliary entry scenario of any bills/documents, which greatly reduces the business processing time and the business operation redundancy of business personnel.

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