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A provincial rural credit cloud native distributed core system project based on technical-stack technology

Business Challenges

       Needs of autonomy, control, safety and reliability 

       Multi-place, multi-center and multi-activities requirements 

       Business operation market, product factory model demand 

       Parallel smooth switching of new & old core

       O&M support full-link and visual operation requirements

• Integration of industry & technology: Based on business modeling to guide the overall architecture design, use integrated chemical tool chain to achieve business modeling and system design
• Middle platform design: Build the core application architecture based on the concept of middle platform, and provide the core basic capabilities for the banking industry
• Multi-place and multi-activities: Based on the cloud native and unitized three-place, four-center and five-node, to provide multi-place and multi-activities disaster tolerance architecture design
• Smooth migration: Provides a customer-oriented online smooth migration solution
• Build a cloud native observable operation and maintenance system with the finance-grade digital platform "ORIGIEN" integrated monitoring platform, and take enterprise technical architecture + agile business operation guarantee as the fulcrum to provide digital guarantee for sensitive and stable business operations
Project Achievements

       Meeting the requirements of technical-stack, a large bank core system was built by using cloud native and distributed technologies 

       Precipitate the new core construction engineering system and implementation process of "business modeling -> design and development -> technical-stack adaptation -> data implementation standard -> peripheral non-inductive -> system smooth handover -> data online migration"

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