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Comprehensive-grade foundational technology development platform for regional city commercial bank empowering digital transformation.

Client Background

In view of the need for core business system reconstruction and the establishment of a distributed core banking architecture, a regional city commercial bank has introduced ORIGIEN Digital Infrastructure as the unified development toolchain platform and foundational technology operational support platform for its core business system. Combined with the architectural planning of the core business system, it has formed a set of implementation processes and standard specification systems that meet the requirements of a distributed core business system.

Our Solution
The bank introduced ORIGIEN's comprehensive-grade unified development platform and operational support platform, and established a standard operational regulation. Firstly, by migrating and reconstructing intermediate business from the core, the feasibility of the development platform and technology platform in supporting future core business system reconstruction was validated. Simultaneously, a set of specifications was formed to meet the development, operation, and maintenance requirements of the core business system. Then, in conjunction with the overall design of the core business system, a microservices development and distributed technology platform was established to support the core business system.
Achieved Outcome
  • The implementation of the bank-grade transactional application system foundational technology platform provided a foundation for the bank's core business layer to transit from a centralized architecture to a distributed architecture and decoupling of applications and infrastructure. Through the refinement of migrating intermediate business functions, it met the bank's demands for digital transformation and business innovation, thereby providing valuable practical experience for the migration of the bank's core business system and technology architecture.


  • Through the implementation of this project, the bank validated the feasibility of the comprehensive-grade transactional application system foundational development platform. The upgrade of the technology platform facilitated the reconstruction of the business systems, achieving high availability, scalability, enhanced security, and ease of maintenance. The experience gained from this project and the learning and accumulation of distributed technologies during the construction process also provided ample support for the bank's future rapid business iteration and core business system reconstruction.

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